CBM In Action: Eastern Charlotte Waterways (Blacks Harbour, NB)

This summer, Atlantic DataStream spoke with Donald Killorn, Executive Director of Eastern Charlotte Waterways, about their water monitoring work in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick.

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My name is Donald Killorn. I’m the Executive Director of Eastern Charlotte Waterways, which is an environmental non-governmental organization based in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick.

We’ve been in some incredible situations trying to collect this data. We are generating some results we think are meaningful and are starting to get a really good picture of environmental health in the whole Bay of Fundy watershed.

We’re transitioning from a period where our data is stored digitally but not necessarily effectively and DataStream represents the next evolution of that. DataStream, I think, is a really great next step for data management for community groups.

Community based water monitoring is a key component to effective environmental management. Empowering the grassroots and working on environmental management at that level is something that really appealed to me. Being part of a community-based group gives me opportunities to work on issues of freshwater management and land-use down through the estuary and into the marine environment.

Discover more about Eastern Charlotte Waterways work online at www.ecw.ngo.

Explore the data Eastern Charlotte Waterways are sharing on Atlantic DataStream.

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