Join DataStream's Pacific Data Drive

Do you collect water quality data in British Columbia or the Yukon? If YES, we want to work with you! 

Until November 1, we're running a Pacific Data Drive to provide support to monitoring groups in our latest hub region.

Find out more and get involved: 

What is Pacific DataStream? Pacific DataStream is a free, open access platform for sharing water quality and sediment quality data.

What is the Data Drive? Until November 1, water monitoring groups looking for help getting their data formatted and uploaded to Pacific DataStream can easily book a one-on-one session with Nell Libera, our dedicated Data Specialist in the Pacific region. And, once your data is uploaded, your group will be eligible to receive a DataStream gift pack!

Why should I take part in the Data Drive? Sharing your data openly (and in consistent formats) expands the audience and impact of your monitoring programs. Over 20 monitoring groups are already sharing their data on Pacific DataStream so it can be used by communities, researchers, and policymakers.

How do I get started? Book an online session with Nell to get started today. 

Pacific DataStream launched earlier this year, joining DataStream hubs in the Mackenzie River Basin, Atlantic Canada, the Lake Winnipeg Basin, and the Great Lakes region. Together, they contain water quality data from over 51,000 monitoring sites across the country.

Find out more about Pacific DataStream at and contact Nell (pictured above) at if you have any questions.

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