Publishing data on Pacific DataStream

Pacific DataStream is ready to accept data for upload and publishing!

In fact, behind the scenes, the system already contains over 10 million water quality observations (and counting!) that have been contributed by the following organizations:

  • British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
  • Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society
  • Cariboo Heights Forest Preservation Society
  • Citizen scientists using the Water Rangers testkit
  • County Sustainability Group
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Pacific Science Enterprise Centre (PSEC) Community Stream Monitoring (CoSMo)
  • Fraser Riverkeeper, Swim Drink Fish
  • Hakai Institute
  • Peninsula Streams and Shorelines
  • Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Society

How it works

1. Contact us to set up a data steward account.

DataStream is free to use. An approved data steward account is required to upload data.

2. Work with a DataStream data specialist to prepare your data for upload.

DataStream is built to accommodate a wide range of water and sediment quality parameters (1500+), and all data is standardized using the DS-WQX data schema. Our data specialists are here to assist you through this process.

3. Upload, preview and approve your dataset.

Enter complete dataset metadata (including abstract, contact information, data license, etc.) and choose manual (.csv) or automated upload (for established connections with other open data systems). Embargo periods are enabled for up to one year.

4. Use your DataStream DOI link to share and access your data.

A DOI link is a permanent URL that is assured to never break. From the landing page for your dataset you will be able to access DataStream visualization tools. Once Pacific DataStream launches, your monitoring locations will also appear in the data explore map.

You can add to, or modify, your dataset through your data steward account. DataStream tracks version numbers and updates to ensure datasets are correctly cited when used.

Data ownership, access and control

DataStream is built for the data that people want to share openly. Datasets are published under open data licenses, which provide clarity around data reuse and Intellectual Property.

Data contributors maintain ownership of their data and control over what data they choose to publish on the system.

For more information on the foundational values and concepts that guide the ongoing delivery of DataStream’s open data platform, and the approach to storing and managing the data contained within it, see DataStream’s Data Governance Policy.

Getting started

Contact us to discuss your data sharing hopes and needs. We are here to answer your questions and provide any help you need along the way.