Enhancement of an Urban Wetland, Lundrigan's Marsh

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Lundrigan’s Marsh is a unique 32 hectare cattail marsh, with approximately 23 under a Habitat Stewardship Agreement, situated in an industrial/commercial area of St. John’s NL. Lundrigan’s Marsh is an urban wetland as part of the Virginia River system and habitat for unusual bird sightings. Northeast Avalon ACAP has undertaken data collection to assess wetland function, water and soil quality, and characterization of plant and wildlife. Through the Friends of the Marsh initiative, NAACAP aims to raise awareness of the wetland and restore vegetative buffers with the support of business and community partners. Project funding is from Department of Environment and Climate Change, National Wetland Conservation Fund.

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Data Collection Organization Northeast Avalon Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP)
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Keywords Virginia River, Water quality, wetland, Lundrigan’s marsh, urban
Spatial Extent -52.699° 47.597°, -52.678° 47.61° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2017-07-17 to 2018-08-14
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Northeast Avalon Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP). 2022-04-30. "Enhancement of an Urban Wetland, Lundrigan's Marsh" (dataset). 3.0.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

Four sites representing inflow and outflow from Lundrigan’s Marsh, were sampled quarterly from 2017-18. A YSI probe multiparameter Sonde was used to collect in-situ data on physio-chemical parameters, samples were collected for RCAp-MS analysis on all sampling locations.

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Added new data collected during the 2018 field season.

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