Lac La Biche County Lake Water Quality Monitoring Program

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Lac La Biche County’s lake water quality monitoring program is done every year at major publicly accessible lakes within the County. Lakes are chosen to be sampled based on their amounts of shoreline development and their status as major recreational attractions. Each lake’s water is sampled annually to monitor the quality of the water and to determine any trends. Lakes are sampled for various parameters using different techniques. Vertical profiles are taken using a multi-probe, composite samples are taken from 10 different locations in the lake, and discrete depth sampling is done with a Kemmerer sampling device. The composite samples and discrete depth samples are sent for laboratory analysis. This information is analyzed along with historical data to determine any trends in the water quality.

Version 4.2.0
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Data Collection Organization Lac La Biche County
Data Upload Organization Lac La Biche County
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Keywords Lac La Biche, phosphorus, nitrogen, Water quality
Spatial Extent -112.169° 54.484°, -111.584° 54.875° (W S, E N)
Vertical Extent -20 m to 0 m
Temporal Extent 2020-03-17 to 2023-08-21
Date Published
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Lac La Biche County. 2023-12-12. "Lac La Biche County Lake Water Quality Monitoring Program" (dataset). 4.2.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

Vertical profiles are taken using a YSI multi-probe (EXO2 sonde), which tests different depths (zones) of the lake for temperature, pH, specific conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen. Composite samples are taken from 10 different locations throughout the lake, and discrete depth sampling is done using a Kemmerer sampling device; both the composite and discrete-depth samples are tested for nutrients such as, phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and metals.

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Added new observations form the 2023 field season.

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Added new observations collected in the 2022 field season.

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DataStream system update: set citation to recommended default.


Added new observations collected during the 2021 sampling season.

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Removed duplicate values from dataset

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Added new data collected during the 2020 sampling season.

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Some tests were ran on the datasets in the database and it was noted that some of the pH values in the dataset were abnormally high. Further inspection showed that some values were put in the wrong place when combining data for upload to DataStream.

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Initial Submission

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