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Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed Association is a community based charitable organization established in 2008 that works to protect and enhance the health and aesthetic qualities of the Winter River - Tracadie Bay watershed, which is the main source of municipal water for the City of Charlottetown. Water quality and quantity data is collected to help us prioritize restoration projects, monitor effects of previous projects, and monitor long term trends due to wider scale activities such as water extraction for Charlottetown or local farming operations. Our projects are funded by the Government of Canada, Government of Prince Edward Island, City of Charlottetown, private foundations and individual donors. Our work is carried out by summer students, recent graduates, skilled supervisors and dedicated volunteers.

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Spatial Extent -63.136° 46.302°, -62.916° 46.421° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2015-07-03 to 2022-12-16
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Winter River-Tracadie Bay Watershed Association. 2023-06-13. "WRTBWA Quality and Quantity" (dataset). 3.1.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

• A YSI Pro Plus with quatro cable and probes for polarographic dissolved oxygen, temperature/conductivity, nitrate, and pH was used.
o Nitrate probes are replaced annually, while DO sensors are replaced as needed throughout the year.
o The unit is calibrated every 2-3 weeks when in regular use using prepared solutions purchased from Hach Canada.
o DO results are calibrated daily.
o Data is collected during all routine water flow measurements (to determine temporal variability of parameters), and during directed water sampling blitzes during spring or fall to determine geographic variation in water quality.
• Temperature data comes from Hobo Pendant Temperature Data loggers (UA-001) and from Hobo Water Level Loggers (U20-001).
o Before deploying loggers, they are placed in a water bath together with another measuring device and all measures are compared.
o Loggers are deployed in spring and retrieved in fall for a full field season of data.
• Nitrate data as measured by the YSI is verified by collecting grab samples at locations measured as having high nitrates and submitting samples to the PEI Analytical lab.
o Sample collection bottles are single use bottles provided by the lab.
o Nitrate levels are of concern for local residents with private wells, and all residents of Charlottetown supplied by municipal wells. Nitrate levels also lead to anoxic events in the estuary and other problems aquatic.
• Flow data comes from Hobo Water Level Loggers (U20-001)
o Loggers are deployed in spring and retrieved in fall for a full field season of data.
o Weekly discharge data is calculated for each depth logger location, and was used to create a rating curve to apply to the depth logger readings.
o Our protocol is taken from “Freshwater Stream Hydrology Monitoring Protocol: PEI NP EI Monitoring and Reporting Program” written by Rick Hawkins from Parks Canada.
o As a quality control, two of our monitoring sites are located adjacent to stream gauging stations operated by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). Data is obtained from ECCC for these sites and compared with our own measurements at these locations.
• DO data comes from HOBO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Loggers.
o Sensor caps are replaced each spring before deployment.
o Loggers are calibrated against the YSI Pro Plus.
• Data from all Hobo loggers is downloaded using the Onset HOBOWare software and base station.
• Total suspended sediment data is collected by grab samples using sample collection bottles provided by the lab.
o Samples are analyzed by the PEI Analytical lab.
o Samples are generally collected after heavy rain events to quantify soil runoff in various locations.

Attribution Licence (ODC-By) v1.0

You are free to share, copy, distribute, use, modify, transform, build upon, and produce works from the data as long as you attribute any public use of the data, or works produced from the data, in the manner specified in the licence. For any use or redistribution of the data, or works produced from it, you must make clear to others the licence of the data and keep intact any notices on the original data.

API Access

curl -G --data-urlencode "\\$filter=DOI eq '10.25976/k85m-pv46'" -H "x-api-key: PRIVATE-API-KEY"



Added 2022 data including: -YSI data from routine locations (Brackley #3, Brackley #4, Brackley #6, Brackley #7, Brackley #8, Cudmore #3, Cudmore #6, DOCB, DOPG, Vanco, Winter River @ Hardy Outlet, Winter River @ Union Station, and Estuary 2022 Watch Point 1 - 14) -Temperature logger data (Beaton's Creek, Winter River @ Officer's Outlet, and Winter River @ Tim's Creek) -Depth logger temperature data (Winter River @ Hardy Outlet, and Winter River @ Union Station)

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Updated MonitoringLocationType for spring locations from River/Stream to Spring; Fixed Beaton’s Creek Spring #12 coordinates; Combined locations DOCB bottom(DOCB-bttm) and DOCB bottom(DOCB bttm); Combined locations DOCB top(DOCB-top), DOCB top(DOCB top) and DOCB top(DOCB Top); Renamed Firston North 2021 to Friston North 2021 (misspelling); Combined locations Tim's Creek upper and Tim's Creek Upper; Combined Tim's Creek lower and Tim's Creek Lower; Combined two different Wheatley Branch @ Suffolk Road (TSS) location coordinates; Combined two different Wheatley location coordinates; Combined Winter River @ Friston (WR@Friston) and Winter River @ Friston (WR@FR); Fixed coordinates for Winter River @ Hardy Outlet; Fixed coordinates for Winter River @ Union Station; Combined Winter River @ Union Station (WR@Union (DL)) and Winter River @ Union Station (WR@Union); Fixed coordinates for Winter River @ Tim's Creek; Fixed coordinates for Winter River @ Officer's Outlet; Combined Winter River @ Officer's Outlet (WR@Officer's) and Winter River @ Officer's Pond (WR@Officer's); Changed Winter River @ Officer's Outlet MonitoringLocationType from Lake/Pond River/Stream; Combined locations Winter River Main at York Road (TSS)(Main@YrkRd_TSS) and Winter River Main at York Road (TSS)(WR Main - York Road)

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Added new observations collected in the 2021 field season

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Added 2021 temperature data from the following locations: Winter River @ Hardy Outlet, Winter River @ Apple Orchard, Winter River @ Officer's Outlet, Winter River @ Tim's Creek

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-Added temperature measurements from the 2020 field season -Added YSI measurements from the 2020 field season

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-Added temperature measurements from the 2019 field season -Added YSI measurements from the 2019 field season

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-Added temperature measurements from the 2018 field season -Added YSI measurements from the 2018 field season -Added TSS data from 2018 to 2020

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Added temperature measurements collected during the 2018 field season

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Added 2017 temperature data

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-Deleted duplicate measurements -Deleted all salinity measurements -Gave all locations a MonitoringLocationID -Added ResultValueType to all locations -Changed coordinates of all locations for more accurate placements -Added “Black River Spring #1”, “Black River Spring #5”, “Black River Spring #8”, “Black River Spring #10” and “Black River Spring #11” -Changed MonitoringLocationName of “Hardy Mill Pond Bottom, Winter River “ to “Hardy Mill Pond Bottom 2016” -Changed MonitoringLocationName of “Winter River @ Officer's Inlet (Apple Orchard)” to “Winter River @ Apple Orchard” -Merged “Pleasant Grove #2 (spring)” and Pleasant Grove #2 (weir)” to be “Pleasant Grove #2” -Merged “Pleasant Grove #5 (spring)” and Pleasant Grove #5 (weir)” to be “Pleasant Grove #5” -Deleted depth measurements from “Brackley Branch” (2016-05-16 to 2016-06-16) -Deleted depth measurements from “Vanco” (2016-06-16 to 2016-08-26) -Deleted depth measurements from “MacAulay's Creek “ (2016-08-26 to 2016-11-07) -Changed time from 2:30 to 14:30 on 2016-09-01 Tim’s Creek -Merged “Winter River @ Tim’s Creek Outlet” with “Winter River @ Tim’s Creek” -Deleted pH readings from 2016-09-01 (not calibrated properly) -Deleted pH readings from 2017-06-26 (not calibrated properly) -Deleted nitrate readings from 2017-08-16 (not calibrated properly; too high) -Deleted nitrate readings from 2017-11-14 (not calibrated properly; too high) -Deleted nitrate readings from 2017-11-24 (not calibrated properly; too high) -Changed “Stein Branch (York)” MonitoringLocationName to “York Branch” -Changed “Trout River @ Point Deroche Road” MonitoringLocationName to “Afton Branch @ Point Deroche Road”

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Initial Submission

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