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Belfast Area Watershed Group (BAWG) coverage area includes three main river systems - Pinette, Belle and Flat River, and smaller systems in the Wood Islands area. Collection of water quality data will inform decisions on watershed management. These efforts are aimed at providing the best habitat for wildlife, including fish species and ensuring healthy watersheds for communities.

Version 3.3.0
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Data Collection Organization Belfast Area Watershed Group
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Keywords water quality, Belfast PEI, Flat River, Pinette River, Belle River, Wood Islands, temperatures, flow
Spatial Extent -62.886° 45.965°, -62.694° 46.097° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2012-07-15 to 2022-12-31
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Belfast Area Watershed Group. 2023-08-21. "BAWG" (dataset). 3.3.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

Belfast Area Watershed Group (BAWG) is a watershed group that aims to collect long term water quality data within our rivers and streams. Water quality data is collected through data loggers, YSI, and Flow meters. This information is analyzed and compared to historical data to determine water quality status and trends within the watershed.

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Data 2018

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Added 2019-2020 data

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Added new observations observed in 2022

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New observations at MacLeod Rd., Littoral Lane, Wood Islands

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initial submission

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