Pine Lake Water Quality Monitoring Data

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Pine Lake is one of the main attractions for visitors of Wood Buffalo National Park. It has been consistently monitored every summer since 2005 by using portable water quality sensors and samples that are processed and analyzed the next day. The long-term goal of monitoring is to collect baseline data for ensuring the health of the lake and to ensure the water meets recreational standards. Monitoring provides necessary information, ensures visitor safety, and will allow us to observe any trends in the quality of the lake.

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Temporal Extent 2005-06-29 to 2019-10-03
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Wood Buffalo National Park. 2021-02-04. "Pine Lake Water Quality Monitoring Data" (dataset). 1.0.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

Once a month during the ice-free season, resource conservation staff canoe to 10 different sites in Pine Lake and Kettle Basin and collect 100mL water samples. A Colilert reagent is added to each sample and they are placed in an oven for 24-48 hours. The results of these samples will tell us the level of E Coli and total Coliforms present at each site and will help to determine if the basins are safe for swimming. A YSI multi-meter is used at 3 of the deepest locations within the basins to determine the temperature, pH levels, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity. Measurements are taken every 5 metres down to 20 metres deep. A Secchi-disk is used at each deep-site location to determine the turbidity of the water.

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