River Watch Manitoba Water Quality Monitoring

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River Watch Manitoba data is collected by the South Central Eco Institute (SCEI). SCEI is a group of like-minded organizations interested in monitoring and reporting water quality in Manitoba. Data collected is stored on the SCEI website and publicly available. River Watch Manitoba is a student driven data collection project offered throughout Manitoba. In partnership with several watershed districts, standardized equipment sets are available for class/student use. With over 10 years of data collection, formal protocols are very well established and are in line with River Watch Red River Basin in the USA offered by the International Water Institute.

Version 2.0.0
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Data Collection Organization South Central Eco Institute
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Keywords Nitrogen, Riverwatch, River Watch, Transparency, Phosphorus, Watershed, Water Quality
Spatial Extent -101.942° 48.238°, -95.641° 51.215° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 1998-03-27 to 2020-07-15
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South Central Eco Institute. 2021-03-30. "River Watch Manitoba Water Quality Monitoring" (dataset). 2.0.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

River Watch data collectors, typically students from grade 7-12, follow established protocols for data collection. Samples are taken from the midpoint of the river/stream/creek utilizing access from a bridge. Samples are collected via a horizontal sampler and subsequently utilized to measure turbidity (Hach 2100Q), transparency, DO, pH, Ammonia-N and Orthophosphate. Chemical analysis utilizes La Motte Water Quality test kits. Many collections also utilize a YSI Sonde (650 or ProPlus) to collect physio-chemical parameters at sampling sites. Quality Assurance using field duplicates happens as funding is available.

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Corrected coordinates for Kildonan Duck Pond.

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