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Lake 239 is one of five reference lakes at the Experimental Lakes Area monitored as control lakes for other manipulation experiments. In recent years, the value of these lakes as whole ecosystem LTER observatories has become clear as signals arise from natural (forest fires, beaver dams, extreme weather) and anthropogenic (long-range pollutant deposition, climate change) sources.

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Data Collection Organization International Institute for Sustainable Development Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA)
Data Upload Organization International Institute for Sustainable Development Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA)
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Keywords LTER, water chemistry
Spatial Extent -93.728° 49.661°, -93.713° 49.666° (W S, E N)
Vertical Extent 1970-01-01 to 1970-01-01
Temporal Extent 1990-03-24 to 2019-11-04
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International Institute for Sustainable Development Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA). 2023-03-10. "ELA LTER Chemistry" (dataset). 5.0.0. DataStream.

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Station Details
Lake 239 Lower East Inlet, WSC Station 05PD024
The East Inflow to Rawson (239) Lake drains the East Subbasin (170.28 ha) and is the largest stream that flows into the lake. This station has also been referred to as the East Lower Weir in some reports. The monitoring site is located approximately 75 m upstream of the lake. The stream channel is well defined for approximately 900 m of its length and flows most of the year, usually from early to mid-April until the end of November or early December. The lower 550 m of the stream has a very low slope (

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Added chloride and nitrate values from inflows.

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Added data from 2015-2019.

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