Elk River Alliance Community-Based Water Monitoring

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Water samples and temperature readings are a part of Elk River Alliance's Community-based Water Monitoring program (CBWM) and Elk River Alliance's Hydrometric program. The CBWM program assesses aquatic habitat health at selected tributaries of the Elk River to fill in gaps in currently available watershed data and make these data accessible to the broader community.

Version 1.0.0
Data Steward Email
Data Collection Organization Elk River Alliance
Data Upload Organization Columbia Basin Water Hub
Progress Code onGoing
Maintenance Frequency Code monthly
Data source URL
Topic Category Code inlandWaters
Keywords Water Temperature
Spatial Extent -115.174° 49.358°, -114.681° 50.515° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2018-12-11 to 2023-08-03
Date Published
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Elk River Alliance. 2024-06-18. "Elk River Alliance Community-Based Water Monitoring" (dataset). 1.0.0. DataStream.

Funding Sources

he Columbia Basin Trust primarily funds the CBWM and Hydrometric programs. These programs would not have been possible without the continuing funding from the Trust. Other sources of financing for the CBWM program are generously provided by the BC Government’s Community Gaming Grant, the Real Estate Foundation of BC’s Healthy Watershed Initiative, Teck Resources Limited, the Vancouver Foundation, the Selkirk College, the Community Mapping Network, the Small Change Fund, Pacific Streamkeepers Foundation, Wildsight, and the Columbia Basin Watershed Network.

Data Collection Information

A temperature logger is deployed within the water body and temperature is logged in 1 hour intervals.

Data Processing

The Columbia Basin Water Hub has performed a preliminary QA/QC protocol on this data but the individual user must still confirm the accuracy of the data and whether it will be appropriate for their purpose.

Attribution Licence (ODC-By) v1.0

You are free to share, copy, distribute, use, modify, transform, build upon, and produce works from the data as long as you attribute any public use of the data, or works produced from the data, in the manner specified in the licence. For any use or redistribution of the data, or works produced from it, you must make clear to others the licence of the data and keep intact any notices on the original data.

Data Disclaimer

No warranty or guarantee exists that the information is accurate, complete, current, or suitable for any purpose. The individual user must confirm the accuracy of the data and whether it will be appropriate for their purpose themselves.

API Access

curl -G --data-urlencode "\\$filter=DOI eq '10.25976/138a-8j41'" -H "x-api-key: PRIVATE-API-KEY"



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