Connecting Channels Long Term Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance

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Water quality monitoring in the connecting channels of the Great Lakes is part of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s commitment to the Canada-United States Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) under the auspices of the International Joint Commission (IJC, 1989) to evaluate the effectiveness of pollution control programs carried out in the Great Lakes Basin. Water quality monitoring in the Connecting Channels began with the establishment of a fixed sampling site on the Niagara River at Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) in 1975 and, over the next decade, additional sites were added on the St. Lawrence River at Wolfe Island in 1976 and upstream on the Niagara River at Fort Erie (FE) in 1983. Monitoring in the St. Clair River began at two locations, Port Lambton and Point Edward, in 1987.

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Data Collection Information

Monitoring sites consist of a fixed building and associated sampling infrastructure including a centrifugal particle separator that partitions the incoming whole water into dissolved and particulate (suspended sediment) phase samples. Submerged intakes are located within the river channels and water is pumped into the sampling buildings via submersible pumps. The polyethylene intake tubes terminate with a perforated polypropylene wand that acts as a coarse filter to prevent fish, algae, weeds, mussels and other debris from entering and fouling the intake. The wands are located approximately mid-depth and the oriented to face into the river flow at a downward angle to minimize the potential of dislodgement by large debris.
Drawn directly from the intake lines, whole water and dissolved phase samples are collected into pre-labelled and pre-cleaned or single use bottles that have been laboratory approved. Suspended sediment (particulate phase) samples are taken from particle separator’s internal collection bowl, homogenized in amber glass jars, and freeze dried. Water samples are analysed for a broad suite of compounds including nutrients, trace metals, and organic contaminants at ECCC’s National Laboratory for Environmental Testing (NLET) in Burlington and suspended sediment samples are similarly analysed at ECCC’s Quebec Laboratory for Environmental Testing (QLET), both using methods accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA).
The most recent variable and methods table can be downloaded here:

Data Collection Processing

As part of quality assurance procedures, replicate samples have been collected twice yearly at each station since 1981 by sequential sampling for each container type. Field blanks are processed four times each year by prefilling sampling bottles with ultra-trace clean (MilliQ) water in the laboratory and subjecting them to field handling, travel, and laboratory processes.
Values reported below the detection limit (i.e., trace values) and samples below the detection limit (i.e. left censored values) are denoted with a “T” flag and “L” flag respectively.

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