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This dataset includes monitored air and water temperature across Ontario since 1990. The data were collected by multiple organizations for a variety of purposes (collection organization names are listed in the Result Comment of this dataset).

This dataset includes only a portion of a larger dataset available on FWIS ( ), which includes maximum air temperature and predicted maximum water temperature and a standardized water temperature, for records that meet the criteria for applying the algrorithms. The FWIS dataset represents a summary of the two module types from within OSAP that provide varying methods of measuring stream and air temperature. Those being the rapid and standard methods. To fully apply the standard method water temperature is recorded between 3:45 and 5:00 when maximum air temperature would be greater or equal to 24 C. Such measures ensure that the stream is approaching maximum temperature for that day and enables summer maximum or standardized temperature to be calculated for the site. Air temperature at the site is also often recorded when the water temperature is recorded on site. It is used as a backup for analysis, but is not necessary. If either the maximum air temperature is lower than this value or the temperature is recorded outside this window, it is considered a rapid assessment value. Users can conclude that the stream gets to a maximum of at least the value recorded but is likely to exceed this value at some point during the summer. Note that many observations have been extracted from digital temperature recorders (the diagnostic method), with summer maximum temperatures extracted along with air temperature data from other sources. These are generally identified as those records with more than one decimal point.

Guidance for the FWIS dataset methods are from:
Stanfield, L. W. (Ed.). 2010. Stream assessment protocol for southern Ontario. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, internal publication.

Version 1.0.0
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Data Collection Organization Multiple organizations within Ontario
Data Upload Organization Center for Community Mapping (CoMap)------------------------------------------------------------
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Keywords stream, water temperature
Spatial Extent -94.296° 42.342°, -74.457° 49.04° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 1990-07-22 to 2023-08-04
Date Published
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CoMap. 2024. Flwoing Waters Information System, Temperatrue Data.

Data Collection Information

Data cfollected using either a hand held thermometer or a digital temperature recorder from whcih data were extracted for days in which the criteria were met to enable thermal stability to be calculated.

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FWIS data contributors must be acknowledged in any publication that involves these data, and any data analysis based upon this data, by displaying the following text:
“In appreciation of the benefit of the Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol, of the Flowing Waters Information System infrastructure, the Centre for Community Mapping and of the effort of southern Ontario’s stream monitoring community, we gratefully acknowledge the (insert name(s) of organization(s)) for the use of their data”
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COMAP and the FWIS data contributors assume no obligation or liability to provide updates or corrections to the data to users. Quality assurance and quality control of the data is ongoing. FWIS data contributors are continually adding to FWIS datasets.
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