Milk River Watershed Council Canada Water Quality Monitoring

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Surface water quality monitoring is critical in determining if water quality is meeting the needs of the aquatic environment and requirements for human and livestock use. Water monitoring is also a critical component in watershed management and often is an accurate indicator of adjacent land use and management. The program measures water quality in three main parameters:
- Physical (e.g., dissolved oxygen, water temperature and total suspended solids)
- Chemical (e.g., nutrients, metals, pesticides)
- Biological (e.g., bacteria)
The MRWCC has partnered with Alberta Environment and Parks, and the Counties of Warner, Cardston, and Cypress to conduct a water monitoring program on the Milk River and its tributaries since 2006.
Sampling starts in April and completed October each year. Long term monitoring is essential as data is analyzed to detect changes or trends in water sample results. In the event that the findings of the water quality fall below the established guidelines because of human activities, the MRWCC works to implement reasonable and practical measures to improve the instream water quality.
The full summary of baseline water quality sampling is reported in the 2nd Edition Milk River Transboundary State of the Watershed Report and can be accessed at:

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Temporal Extent 2021-04-07 to 2023-10-23
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Milk River Watershed Council Canada. 2023-11-21. "Milk River Watershed Council Canada Water Quality Monitoring" (dataset). 2.0.0. DataStream.

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Data from 2023 season added.

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Added 2022 MRWCC data

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Added new observations collected April to October 2021

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