Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association Water Monitoring Program

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Bedeque Bay Management Associations water monitoring project aims to build community partnerships, monitor and identify stream impact and restoration sites for long term community based aquatic habitat protection within the Bedeque Bay Watershed.

Version 1.1.0
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Data Collection Organization Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association
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Keywords Water Quality, Bedeque Bay, Dunk River, Nitrates, agriculture, Wilmot River, BBEMA, Prince Edward Island
Spatial Extent -63.805° 46.211°, -63.449° 46.418° (W S, E N)
Vertical Extent 1969-12-31 to 1970-01-01
Temporal Extent 2013-06-13 to 2022-08-23
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Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association. 2023-04-06. "Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association Water Monitoring Program " (dataset). 1.1.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

BBEMA collects Bi-weekly H20 sampling on 28 stream sites within the Dunk, Wilmot and Bradshaw River systems. Sites are sampled in-situ for the following parameters: pH, DO, temperature, conductivity, turbidity using the YSI 650QS sonde meter from the WET-PRO TM kit and nitrates (using the 1006 Nitrate probe). Stream flow and water depth to be calculated using a digital flow meter at 3 evenly spaced locations forming transect across the stream. Grab samples collected at each site - analyzed at the BBEMA lab using YSI Photometer 9500 for Nitrate Nitrogen and Coliform Bacteria.

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