Petitcodiac Watershed Water Temperature Monitoring

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The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance has been monitoring water temperature in the lower Petitcodiac River subwatershed since 2018, to better understand the temperature fluctuation in urban streams. The program began with 20 HOBO TidbiT v2 temperature loggers installed to (n=20) pre-determined sites in the urban watershed. This survey method was set to collect temperature readings every hour, for several months, at multiple points in the watershed. Temperatures were looked at based on a predetermined suitability for aquatic health per the same guidelines which we use for monitoring and evaluating at our monthly monitoring sites. This method helps the PWA identify the potential locations of thermal refuges within our watershed, and urban freshwater habitats at risk of rising water temperatures. This program would not be possible without our key funders, the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund, and other important funders such as the Government of Canada and RBC.

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Keywords Water quality, water temperature, Petitcodiac River, urban stream, Petitcodiac watershed
Spatial Extent -64.879° 46.063°, -64.7° 46.142° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2018-08-20 to 2023-11-02
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Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance (PWA) Inc.. 2024-01-29. "Petitcodiac Watershed Water Temperature Monitoring" (dataset). 7.2.0. DataStream.

Funding Sources

New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund, Government of Canada, RBC

Data Collection Information

The PWA uses HOBO TidbiT v2 temperature loggers installed to (n=20) pre-determined sites in the urban watershed. A protective cap was placed on each logger. The temperature loggers were then secured to a rebar with zip ties and installed in the riverbed at predetermined sites, which were selected for ease of accessibility. Tags with information about the temperature loggers and contact information of the PWA were secured onto the rebar with zip ties. The PWA had obtained a permit to conduct this activity. The PWA staff used simple field sheets to record information on the temperature loggers such as: logger number, location (GPS coordinates), site descriptions, time launched, and time retrieved if found. When they were retrieved in the fall, the data was downloaded to the HOBO software for analyses.

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Added observations collected in 2023 field season.

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added 2022

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2022 Temp Data

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Added Jonathan Creek (JCTL1-2021) dataset.

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E.g. fixed site name typo in Humphrey's Brook locations, and site code duplicate issue

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Added 2021 water temperature logger monitoring.

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Added 2019 PWA Water Temperature Monitoring.

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Added Water Temperature Monitoring 2018

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