Kensington North Watersheds Association HOBO Dataset

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Kensington North Watersheds Association collected data on three stream systems to see temperature trends from June 2022 to November 2022. The data was collected using HOBO loggers deployed on June 27/28 and retrieved on December 12/13.

Version 2.0.0
Data Steward Email
Data Collection Organization Kensington North Watersheds Association
Data Upload Organization Kensington North Watersheds Association
Progress Code completed
Maintenance Frequency Code asNeeded
Topic Category Code inlandWaters
Spatial Extent -63.673° 46.419°, -63.651° 46.458° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2022-06-27 to 2022-11-18
Date Published
Alternate Formats FGP-HNAP ISO:19115-2 (XML) , W3C DCAT (XML) , W3C DCAT (JSON-LD)


{Kensington North Watersheds Association}. {2023}. "{Kensington North Watersheds Association HOBO Dataset}" (dataset). 2.0.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

HOBO loggers were used to take temperature readings every hour.

Attribution Licence (ODC-By) v1.0

You are free to share, copy, distribute, use, modify, transform, build upon, and produce works from the data as long as you attribute any public use of the data, or works produced from the data, in the manner specified in the licence. For any use or redistribution of the data, or works produced from it, you must make clear to others the licence of the data and keep intact any notices on the original data.

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curl -G --data-urlencode "\\$filter=DOI eq '10.25976/cpmo-6l64'" -H "x-api-key: PRIVATE-API-KEY"



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Added new observations from the 2022 field season

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Added new observations from the 2022 field season.

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