Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Water Quality Baseline data

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In April 2021, a team of volunteers conducted a water quality survey by canoe of 21 lakes within the conceptual boundary of the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Regional Urban Wilderness Park. Variables measured included Secchi depth (a measure of turbidity), dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH and total phosphorus. Vertical profiles indicated that all lakes were well mixed from surface to bottom at the time of sampling. Mean values of each variable were calculated for each lake. Secchi depths ranged from 1.5 to 3.0 m, dissolved oxygen ranged from 80 to 100 %, conductivity ranged from 14 to 187 μS/cm, ph ranged from 3.61 to 6.12 and total phosphorus ranged from 4 to 9 μg/l. The highest values for conductivity occurred in the lower part of the Kearney Run watershed and indicate the addition of road salt and other pollutants from surrounding development. The lowest values for pH can most likely be attributed to widespread acid precipitation during the latter part of the twentieth century. Overall, the water quality of the lakes appears excellent but continued monitoring is recommended, especially in the lakes in the lower part of the Kearney Run Watershed such as Susies, Quarry, Washmill and Kearney lakes which are currently the most affected by development.

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Pierre Clement. 2022-04-30. "Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Water Quality Baseline data" (dataset). 2.0.0. DataStream.

Funding Sources

Dr. Rob Jamieson, Dalhousie University funded Total Phosphorus and water quality chemistry analysis

Data Collection Information

Vertical profiles and surface sample water were collected using canoe platforms. Physical data collected using YSI Professional Plus multi-probe equipped with a 30 m cable but lacking pressure so sample depths estimated by wireout. The sample dates were windy so station keeping difficult and depths questionable.

Data Collection Processing

YSI Data Manager was used to import CSV data to MS Excel 2003. Spreadsheet charts of each parameter and tables collated in Excel

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