South Saskatchewan River Stewards Phosphorus Monitoring

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To better understand phosphorous levels in Saskatchewan waterways, four Saskatchewan Watershed Stewardship Groups are collaborating to collect water samples from tributaries of the South and North Saskatchewan Rivers. This project will study how the tributaries contribute phosphorous to these rivers and eventually the Lake Winnipeg Basin. The Carrot River Valley Watershed Association, the North Saskatchewan River Basin Council, the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards, and the Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards have been collecting water samples for the last two years from the tributaries of the Saskatchewan River. These samples are then sent to a laboratory to be tested for phosphorous levels. This project has been funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada through the Lake Winnipeg Basin Program.

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Data Collection Organization South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards
Data Upload Organization Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Society (SSIWPS)
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Keywords water quality, phosphorus, tributaries, south saskatchewan river watershed
Spatial Extent -106.724° 51.981°, -106.176° 52.555° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2019-07-21 to 2021-05-07
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South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards. 2021-08-04. "South Saskatchewan River Stewards Phosphorus Monitoring" (dataset). 1.2.0. DataStream.

Funding Sources

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Lake Winnipeg Basin Program

Data Collection Information

Sampling stick was used to collect water samples upstream of the collecting volunteer. Nitric acid was added to the samples as per SRC requirements. Samples were refrigerated before sent to the SRC.

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Added new observations for 2021

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Observations for Opimihaw Creek were added

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