TREPA: Water Quality data from the Tusket Catchment

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With support from various other organizations, the Tusket River Environmental Protection Association collected an extensive water quality data base from numerous lakes in and near the Tusket catchment. Data were collected in early May, late August, and late October. Oxygen, conductivity, pH, and temperature profiles are available from 2012 to 2015. Subsequently, volunteers took the lead, but data on nutrients, colour, chlorophyll-a, pH and related data remain available. Investigations related to MTRI’s study on vulnerable shoreline Atlantic Coastal Plains Flora and NS Environment’s investigations into waters affected by effluent from mink farms. Support was provided by Mersey-Tobeatic Research Institute, N.S. Environment, Adopt-a-Stream, CURA H2O, and the Municipalities of Yarmouth and Argyle.

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Spatial Extent -66.058° 43.832°, -65.661° 44.354° (W S, E N)
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Temporal Extent 2013-07-03 to 2016-08-24
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Tusket River Environmental Protection Association. 2022-04-30. "TREPA: Water Quality data from the Tusket Catchment" (dataset). 2.0.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

The deepest point in each water body is targeted for monitoring.

A YSI Professional Plus was used to record temperature, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, pH, and oxygen at .25 meters below the surface and at every succeeding meter of depth up to 10 m., or one meter from the bottom, which ever came first. Samples from deeper stations involved collecting at 1 meter of bottom with a Van Dorn sampler and taking measurements from the fresh sample in the sampler.

Sampling was conducted the first half of May, the second half of August, and the second half of October. The probe was calibrated for all parameters the night preceding each sampling season, except for dissolved oxygen, which was calibrated daily.

Samples were also collected for laboratory analyses at the AGAt and QEII labs. Parameters measured included Chlorophyll-a (Sent out), colour, total phosphorus, orthophosphate, total nitrogen, nitrate-nitrite, turbidity, and alkalinity.

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