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The Riverwatch Program consists of concerned community members trained to gather important water quality data in the Niagara River Watershed. While government agencies regularly collect data from a number of sites in our watershed, various limitations prevent adequate coverage of the Niagara River and its many tributaries. Waterkeeper aims to provide surveillance monitoring to bolster baseline, local water quality data. This citizen science data contributes to the understanding of local waters to protect human health, inform pollution prevention, track restoration project impacts on water quality, and to help identify priority areas for coastal and climate resiliency investments. Our volunteers gather data throughout the entire Niagara River Watershed.

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Data Collection Organization Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper
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Keywords Water Quality, Water Chemistry, Baseline, Bacteria, E.coli, Monitoring, Citizen Science
Spatial Extent -79.063° 42.644°, -78.19° 43.261° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2014-04-07 to 2023-07-22
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Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper. 2023-08-04. "Niagara River Watershed- Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Riverwatch Data" (dataset). 2.0.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

Riverwatch Baseline Water Chemistry Volunteers collect data on the following parameters using a Eureka Manta+ 20 meter and a HACH 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter.

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper staff collect grab samples during wet and dry weather to analyze for E. coli using the Coliscan Easygel Method.

QAPPs are available upon request.

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