Measurements of Total Phosphorus within the Lake Mattatall and its watershed

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The objective of the Mattatall Lake Stewardship Association is to support all measures of improving the water quality of Mattatall Lake and to protect the surrounding watershed. The Association endeavours to understand nutrient levels that may cause algal blooms, and to use this knowledge to protect water quality into the future. The Association will share knowledge and encourage best environmental practices with the residents of Mattatall Lake and surrounding watershed stakeholders. Through research and advocacy, the Association will help prevent similar problems in other parts of Nova Scotia. Water samples were collected from Mattatall Lake and its adjacent streams using appropriate water sampling bottles and were delivered to a certified laboratory for analysis of total phosphorus.

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Temporal Extent 2016-08-19 to 2021-10-30
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Board of Directors, Mattatall Lake Stewardship Association. 2022-04-30. "Measurements of Total Phosphorus within the Lake Mattatall and its watershed" (dataset). 2.0.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

Measurements of total phosphorus were made by the Environmental Services Laboratory of the Nova Scotia Health Authority (Halifax, Nova Scotia). Surface water samples from streams were collected using sample bottles provided by the laboratory and depth samples within Mattatall Lake were collected using a horizontal Van Dorn bottle before sub-sampling to the laboratory bottles. Efforts were made not to include sediment. Samples were kept cool until delivered to the laboratory generally within 1-2 days.

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Added new observations collected in 2021

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Added new observations made in 2020

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Added new observations collected in 2019

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