Vermilion River and Stretton Creek Water Quality at Low Flow

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Historic and published water quality data for the Vermilion River basin are limited; the intent of this project was to start updating a 20-year-old water quality database. The selection of water quality variables was suitable to describe general instream water quality conditions and identify issues potentially related to human activities. Surveys were only carried out during very low flow conditions, and stagnant water was often encountered. It should be noted that sampling during periods of higher flow would likely yield different results. Seven sampling locations were selected along the Vermilion River at key locations in the basin. Sites were located downstream of major urban centres (Vegreville, Mannville and Vermilion), hydrological features (Vermilion Lakes and the Morecambe structure), at the boundaries of counties and at the mouth of the Vermilion River. Several of the water quality sampling sites corresponded to sites sampled historically (1995 to 1997) although sites V1 and V4 were newly established in 2014. Four of the seven sites were located at or near an active Water Survey of Canada (WSC) gauging station. Sites on Stretton Creek were chosen upstream and downstream of a reach where efforts to protect and enhance riparian health are ongoing. This project was intended to provide historical data to evaluate the influence of ongoing riparian protection measures on stream water quality. Three longitudinal surveys were carried out during July, August, and October in 2014 to document water quality at low flow. Sampling encompassed a broad range of physical, chemical, and biological measurements designed to describe general instream water quality conditions, identify issues potentially related to human activities (e.g., nutrient enrichment, bacterial and pesticide contamination) and identify reaches with possible groundwater input.

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North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance. 2021-03-03. "Vermilion River and Stretton Creek Water Quality at Low Flow" (dataset). 1.0.0. DataStream.

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Lakeland College; County of Vermilion River; and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

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Dissolved oxygen (DO), temperature (T), pH, electrical conductivity, and salinity were recorded at each site. Water samples were taken from the middle of the stream when practical. If water levels made mid-stream measurement unsafe, sampling occurred at a point closer to shore. Flow velocity (m/s) was measured in the middle of the stream using a flow meter and at approximately 60% of the water column depth. Global Positioning System (GPS) readings as well as observations on vegetation, soil erosion and presence of wildlife were noted to characterize the condition of river banks. Water samples were collected at the same locations as field measurements. An intermediate pole-mounted dipper was used to collect water; the water was used to fill individual sample bottles. Sterilized and contamination free sample bottles were supplied by MAXXAM, the laboratory responsible for sample analyses. Samples were kept cool and delivered to the analytical laboratory as soon as possible.

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