Freshwater Quality Monitoring: Bay of Islands and Humber Valley, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Freshwater monitoring serves an important role in observing any noticeable change in water quality, in any tested body of water. Water quality throughout the Humber Valley watershed is especially important as this watershed covers a large geographic region of western Newfoundland. These bodies of water are all found within close proximity to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, and are heavily utilized for various recreational purposes, also providing valuable habitat for a variety of species found within this region. This comprehensive water quality database for the Humber Valley and Bay of Islands regions serves as a baseline dataset to provide future assessments of changes in
water quality. This initiative has been made possible due to the Support from CURA H2O and the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment

Version 10.1.0
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Data Collection Organization Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) Humber Arm
Data Upload Organization Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) Humber Arm
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Keywords Freshwater, Bay of Islands., Newfoundland and Labrador, Humber Valley, Water Quality
Spatial Extent -58.386° 48.778°, -57.235° 49.348° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2014-06-10 to 2022-09-22
Date Published
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Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) Humber Arm. 2023-05-18. "Freshwater Quality Monitoring: Bay of Islands and Humber Valley, Newfoundland and Labrador" (dataset). 10.1.0. DataStream.

Data Collection Information

Monitoring sites were selected throughout the Humber Valley and Bay of Islands regions. The sites were selected based on the following factors: proximity of the freshwater source to industrial activity; proximity of the freshwater source to residential zones; distribution of sites so that most communities situated within the Humber Valley watershed had representation; recreational use; and, special ecological interest. Sites were tested using an YSI Professional Plus (Pro Plus) instrument, fitted with a temperature/conductivity probe, a dissolved oxygen probe, and a pH probe. The YSI meter was calibrated bi-weekly to ensure accuracy. At each site measurements were taken for: water temperature; dissolved oxygen; conductivity; specific conductivity; salinity; total dissolved solids; pH; and air temperature. Precipitation for 72 hours prior to testing was recorded from Environment Canada historic data website.

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Added new observations for 2022 field season

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DataStream system update: set citation to recommended default.


January 3rd, 2022 - Sampling update for Bells brook@ Wellington, Bells Brook@ Main Street, Deer Lake@ Pasadena Beach, South Brook@ Pasadena, Petries Brook@ Marina, Corner Brook Stream@ Mill Road.

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2021 input corrections - (South Brook - August 23, 2021 - changed to PetriesBrook@Marina), (Corner Brook Marsh - June 8, 2021 - D.O.% / D.O. mg/l correction), (Blow me Down Brook - October 6, 2021 - D.O. mg/l correction), (Bells Brook@Main - May 25, 2021 - D.O. mg/l correction), (Bells Brook@Lundrigan - July 13, 2021 - Changed to Bells Brook@wellington), (Bells Brook@Lewin - August 23, 2021 - Conductivity Correction), (Humber River@SteadyBrook - July 5, 2021 - Salinity / TDS Correction), (Deerlake@Beach - June 28, 2021 - PH / Salinity Correction), (Cooks Brook - July 5, 2021 - Salinity / TDS Correction), (Corner Brook@millroad - June 15, 2021 - Salinity removed), (HughesBrook@FarmBridge - August 24, 2021 - TDS Value Correction)

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Added new observations for 2021 field season

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Added new observations for 2020/2021 Removed duplicate Entries Fixed errors in data collected in 2020 Removed DO values for July 30, 2020 and August 3, 2020 Fixed errors in ActivityType Fixed errors in ActivityMediaName

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Added New observations for 2020 field season Fixed missing time in 2019 field seasoning at FWM-033

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-Added new observations for the 2020 field season (as of July 20, 2020) -Updated citation for 2020

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Corrected water temperature for Cooks Brook July 20, 2019

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Added new observations Deletion of duplicate observations

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Fixed errors with data from 2019

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-New observations added for 2019 -Corrections to sample times from previous version -Fixed spelling in metadata

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Initial Submission

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