Toews Environmental Nutrient Budget Kerr Lake

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To assess causes of severe cyanobacteria blooms in Kerr Lake and to inform possible corrective actions, water samples for chemical analysis and phytoplankton taxonomy, as well as in situ measurements of stream discharge and water quality, were collected by and for the Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District. Sampling was conducted in winter and through the open-water season in 2018 in Kerr Lake, its outflow and six inflowing streams. Toews Environmental Consulting & Aquatic Sciences analyzed and interpreted the data and calculated whole-lake nutrient budgets including external and internal phosphorus loading.

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Data Collection Organization Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District; Toews Environmental Consulting and Aquatic Sciences
Data Upload Organization Toews Environmental Consulting and Aquatic Sciences
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Keywords Phosphorus, nitrogen, nutrient budget, phytoplankton, metals
Spatial Extent -99.695° 50.489°, -99.671° 50.506° (W S, E N)
Vertical Extent 1969-12-31 to 1970-01-01
Temporal Extent 2018-03-12 to 2018-09-27
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Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District; Toews Environmental Consulting and Aquatic Sciences. 2020-11-27. "Toews Environmental Nutrient Budget Kerr Lake" (dataset). 1.0.0. DataStream.

Funding Sources

Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District

Data Collection Information

Water samples from Kerr Lake were collected with a Van Dorn sampler from near bottom and approximately 30 cm below surface (or 30 cm below lake ice). Stream samples were collected directly into laboratory-supplied bottles from just below surface. Samples requiring preservation were preserved on site. In situ measurements of dissolved oxygen, specific conductance and temperature were collected with a YSI multimeter. Stream discharge measurements were made using a propeller-type velocity meter and wading rod along stream transects or at culverts.

Data Collection Processing

No processing of the data was conducted beyond standard QA/QC conducted by the analytical laboratory, reported to the client.

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