Waterloo Water Quality Monitoring Data

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The Waterloo Water Quality Monitoring Data aims to collect and analysis water samples from stormwater facilities in the Waterloo region. With the increasing threat of chloride contamination from excessive road salting reaching surface water to groundwater recharge areas, this assessment allows scientists, engineers, municipalities, and other partners to observe trends, and make informed decisions regarding location prioritization, degree of contaminant, and future planning.

Version 1.0.0
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Data Collection Organization Greenland International Consulting
Data Upload Organization Greenland International Consulting
Progress Code onGoing
Maintenance Frequency Code monthly
Topic Category Code inlandWaters
Spatial Extent -80.556° 43.454°, -80.541° 43.474° (W S, E N)
Temporal Extent 2020-03-25 to 2021-06-21
Date Published
Alternate Formats FGP-HNAP ISO:19115-2 (XML) , W3C DCAT (XML) , W3C DCAT (JSON-LD)


Greenland International Consulting. 2021-12-09. "Waterloo Water Quality Monitoring Data" (dataset). 1.0.0. DataStream.

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