Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park Lakes Water Quality

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Lakes were sampled to examine patterns of water quality of lakes in or near the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. These data will be used to assess current patterns and serve as a benchmark in future sampling years. Better understanding of aquatic ecosystems within the park can help mitigate potential human effects on the landscape and embedded water bodies.

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Data Collection Organization Trent University, Department of Biology
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Keywords Water quality, phosphorus, limnology, ecological monitoring
Spatial Extent -78.477° 44.553°, -77.945° 44.893° (W S, E N)
Vertical Extent 1969-12-31 to 1969-12-31
Temporal Extent 2015-08-18 to 2020-08-27
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Frost, PC, Trent University, Department of Biology. 2022-12-01. "Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park Lakes Water Quality" (dataset). 2.0.0. DataStream.

Funding Sources

NSERC and donations from the North Kawartha Lakes Association

Data Collection Processing

For 4 sampling locations (Elm Lake, Little Turtle Lake, Loucks Lake and Stouples Lake), depths at which measurements were taken were estimated based on the maximum depths for each lake. Depths were calculated as the maximum depth of the lake in meters minus 1 meter, as samples were taken 1 meter for the bottom.

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