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DataStream API

DataStream’s API allows other tools to pull data from DataStream for use in research, machine-learning, analysis and reporting.

Last updated: October 23, 2023

Using DataStream's API

DataStream’s public application programming interface (API) can be used to filter and extract large volumes of data to meet your organization’s needs. DataStream’s public API uses the ISO/IEC 20802-2 Standard known as OData JSON Format v4.

DataStream API packages

DataStream has developed language-specific packages [R, Python, Javascript, Shell] that wrap around the DataStream Public API, making it easier to use. These packages provide more control over how data is queried and allow users to query across all DataStream hubs.

Note: DataStream's Custom Download tool is another option that allows users to download .csv data from across datasets in a particular DataStream hub using basic filters. This tool has fewer filtering options than the API, but works well for basic searches.

Feedback welcome

As more people use our API we are interested in learning what works well, and what doesn’t.