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Embargo periods

Last updated: October 11, 2023

Embargo periods allow data to be uploaded to DataStream before going live and becoming publicly accessible. Data contributors can choose a publish date up to one year from the time the data is uploaded.

Some things to note about using embargo periods:

  1. Embargoed datasets cannot be accessed by anyone other than the data steward that uploaded the data, until the selected publish date. You can access and download your own embargoed dataset from the My Datasets page when you are logged in.
  2. Embargo periods can be set when uploading your dataset (see Upload new data section for instructions).
  3. Publish dates cannot be changed once set. If there are circumstances that require this to be changed, please contact the DataStream Team.
  4. Data cannot be added to or modified in the embargoed dataset until it is published.
  5. Embargoed datasets are not searchable via DataStream’s explore map.
  6. Embargoed datasets will be minted a DOI. This DOI links to a dataset information page where the dataset level metadata can be viewed publicly. The dataset itself will not be accessible from this page until the publish date.

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