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The Resilient Waters Project seeks to build community partnerships, identify field and restoration sites to facilitate improved water quality and fish passage throughout the Lower Fraser River. Water quality data including water level, dissolved oxygen and temperature is collected through portable water quality loggers.

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Organisation de collecte de données Resilient Waters; Watershed Watch Salmon Society; Pearson Ecological
Organisation de téléchargement de données Resilient Waters
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Mots clés Water quality, DO, temperature, water level, salmonids, dissolved oxygen
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Resilient Waters; Watershed Watch Salmon Society; Pearson Ecological. 2024-03-01. "Resilient Waters - Dissolved Oxygen loggers" (dataset). 1.0.0. DataStream.

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HOBO Model U26-001 Dissolved Oxygen loggers are used to take dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements. These monitors are calibrated in 100% air saturation prior to deployment. Sensors are replaced every 6 months. The DO loggers are strapped to, and deployed on a counter-weighted, Feddes trap which allows them to remain submerged approximately 50 cm from the stream bed. They are left submerged, instream to record DO measurements over a 24 to 48 hour period. This logger utilizes optical sensor technology to provide high performance dissolved oxygen results with 0.2 mg/L accuracy.
For temperature monitoring, we use automated loggers that remain in-stream and record data at regular intervals throughout the year. HOBO Pendant MX220 loggers are deployed in stream and set to record water temperature every hour. When the data are downloaded from the loggers, a temperature reading is taken with a YSI and compared to the logger reading. We also use the HOBO U20L water level logger (which records water temperature as well as water level).

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