Woodland and Waterways EcoWatch Water Quality Program

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Our goal is simple: provide planning, logistics, and technical know-how to grassroots environmental monitoring initiatives in the Haliburton region. We achieve this by being led by the people who have the most to gain from the collection of this data, the citizens of cottage country. WWEW is made up of a coalition of lake, cottage, and property owners’ associations; the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust; Trent University and Fleming College faculty; and the staff and management committee members of the U-Links Centre for Community Based Research. This unique mix gives us the enthusiasm for ensuring our common resources are maintained into the future as well as the knowledge and technical skills provided by our post-secondary partners.

Version 1.0.0
DOI https://doi.org/10.25976/e2mg-a390
Courriel de l'intendant des données environmental@ulinks.ca
Organisation de collecte de données Woodland and Waterways EcoWatch
Organisation de téléchargement de données Woodland and Waterways EcoWatch
Code de progrès onGoing
Code de fréquence d'entretien annually
Code de catégorie du sujet inlandWaters
Mots clés Water quality, nitrate, nitrite, sulfate, phosphorus, TKN, ammonia
Étendue spatiale -78.763139° 44.958864°, -78.017841° 45.254825° (O S, E N)
Étendue verticale -7.5m à -2.25m
Étendue temporelle 2022-07-21 à 2022-10-21
Date publiée 2023-02-17
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{Woodland and Waterways EcoWatch}. {2023}. "{Water Quality Analysis}" (2022). 1.0.0. DataStream. https://doi.org/10.25976/e2mg-a390.

Sources de financement

Program has been funded in part by the County of Haliburton, Federal and Provincial Grants, Canoe FM, the Haliburton County Development Corporation, and participating Lake Associations

Informations sur la collecte de données

Water samples were collected from Secchi depths at mid-lake deepspots and poured through a 40-µm mesh filter.

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